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About Us

Purr Usual is a fully insured & experienced pet and house sitting service

With over 20 years cat care experience, we're dedicated pet owners who understand that your cat(s) are part of the family & deserve the very best care, as such, we pride ourselves on offering the very best service at affordable rates so you can rest assured knowing your cat(s) are in safe hands whilst you're away.

........................... As Purr Usual

We currently operate in and around the Littlehampton area (within a 5 mile radius) including Yapton, Ford, Arundel, Rustington, Angmering, East Preston & surrounding areas. 

Further afield will be considered but may incur surcharges.

We believe cats are happier in their own homes and offer a range of home visit services tailored to you

Purr Usual Cat Sitting Service

What you can expect from us?

We treat your cat(s) as if they were our own and have a high level of patience & understanding as we know that no two cats are the same & treat your home with privacy & respect.      

We will always ensure your cat(s) have access to clean, fresh water at every visit, the food bowls are cleaned & dietary requirements followed. The litter is cleaned & replaced when necessary. We complete detailed activity logs during every visit so we can provide you with any information you may require.

We will send you email/text/photo updates for your peace of mind whilst you're away so you can rest assured knowing your cat(s) are safe & happy with Purr Usual.

Home Security Measures

We carry out basic home security measures with every visit and for this reason, our vehicles are not sign written as to not advertise the property is vacant. 

We move post neatly out of view, 

open/close curtains, turn lights on/off

 and will always ensure your property is fully secure before we leave. 

We also endeavour to vary our attendance times where possible to not advertise

 a visiting trend.          

We are fully insured & DBS checked.

Complimentary Extras:

If you're thinking of booking with Purr Usual, we will book a registration visit to introduce ourselves, get to meet your cat(s) & get to know their needs and care requirements. 

We expect the visit to take approximately

30 minutes to complete paperwork 

At the time of booking we require a 25% 

non refundable deposit to secure dates.     

We provide a complimentary mini clean service (for bookings over 3 days) where we will spring clean areas your cat(s) may have had access so you can return home to pleasant surroundings. 

We are also happy to place bins out on your collection day if requested.

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Currently Serving

Littlehampton (within a 5 mile radius) including Yapton, Ford, Arundel, Rustington, Angmering, East Preston & surrounding areas. 

Further afield will be considered so please get in touch for a tailored quote. 

Why choose us over a Cattery?


Cats are territorial animals and use their scent to mark their territory, you may have noticed when a new piece of furniture or person enters your house your cat will rub themselves against it. This is marking as their own and instinctively defend their areas from other cats they can see as a threat for their hunting area. 

Cats naturally are solitary animals as opposed to pack animals (such as dogs for example) even though domisticated cats can be very sociable you will notice they still require time on their own so can become very overwhelmed and stressed in an enviroment which they don't recognise as their own and are forced to be confined to an area which has been marked by numerous other cats no matter how disinfected the pen may be. 

Which then moves on to the fact that regardless of your cat having their allocated personal space, they can still sense, hear and smell the other occupying cats which can also be very distressing for any cat. Scent really is a huge impacting factor to a cats behaviour and can make the difference between a happy or unhappy cat. 

Your cats territory means everything to them. 


Saying that, some people find Catteries work well for their cat and we are in no way saying Catteries are bad places. A lot of Catteries are run to a good standard but at Purr Usual Cat Sitting Service we strongly believe in cats being happier at home and we see this in all the cats we care for. 

Many years ago, Catteries were the only realistic option for cat care whilst the owners were away but in current times with a soaring business market for cat sitters - Why would you choose a Cattery over fully insured, Police checked home visit cat sitting service who pride themselves on offering an exceptional cat sitting service where your cats needs, safety & happiness are number one priority at highly competitive rates . 

Whats more?

At Purr Usual we have a single cat rate and a multiple cat rate for up to 3 cats. 

Extra cats are charged at £1 per day

Not forgetting, you get the added peace of mind as we double as a house sitting service for the same duration! 

We are fully insured for home visits, cats in our care, cat transportation (if required), Key holders up to £10,000 in the event of a lost key. (which are locked in a safe with only your cats name on for security purposes) 

We also have knowledge & background in home security measures so we take the utmost care in ensuring your property appears occupied whilst you're away and carry out the the following roles to assist with this. 

  • Our vehicles are not sign written as to advertise the property is vacant 
  • We move post neatly out of view 
  • We open/close curtains/blinds & turn lights on & off 
  • We also endeavour to vary our attendance times as not to advertise a visiting trend
  • We ensure the property is fully secure before leaving
  • We will set and deactivate alarms if applicable 

At Purr Usual, we pride ourselves on delivering a second to none service, as such, we will happily place your bins out on collection day (if specified), water any house plants you may have and we also carry out a complimentary mini clean (for breaks of 3 days or longer) to spring clean any areas your cat may have had access to so you can return home to pleasant surroundings as Purr Usual. 




We left our Cat Betty with Nicole and Adele. We came home to a happy contented Cat. We will definitely be using them again. 

Ollie, Tommy & Jenny


Highly recommended these lovely cat sitters to anyone looking for someone to look after their cats. We went away on holiday for 5 days and left our 3 cats at home in safe hands.
Absolutely fantastic company they went above and beyond to make sure our cats we're looked after and very spoilt. Fantastic service!

Alfie & Sherman


Fantastic service. Cats are always well looked after and happy on our return. 

Adele and Nicole go the extra mile. 

Have used several cat sitting services previously and Purr Usual are by far the best. 



Great care and a happy cat in a clean house when we got home! 

Todd, Seb, Peika, Pickles, Softies, Cookie & Tiya


Thank you very much & for the tidy up you did & all the updates & the cats say thanks for the tuna! 



We were worried about leaving our cat as she is nearly 20 but Nicole and Adele did an amazing job of looking after her. The regular photos put our mind at rest and it was great knowing she was being looked after by people that truly love cats 




We recently took advantage of their excellent cat sitting service whilst we enjoyed  a two week overseas vacation. It's always a wrench when you leave your pet for any prolonged period of time but after meeting with the girls we felt really comfortable with leaving Monty in their care. During our holiday Nicole and Adele kept us fully up to date with reports and photos which was very reassuring. From day one they really did step up to the mark right through to our return. Rest assured, we will definitely be using them again.
We therefore have absolutely no hesitation in personally recommending their service.
Purr Usual - we would probably say Purr fect. 



These ladies did a great job at looking after our cat and tortoise for a week while we was away. We loved getting pictures and up dates on how they was doing. We highly recommend them 



 Fabulous service provided by Adele and Nicole who recently looked after our British Blue cat Joe..........they spent time with him each day,let him outside for a walk in the garden,brushed his very thick coat in the hot weather,and gave our house a little tidy up too! Would highly recommend them - best catsitting service we’ve come across.........

many thanks to them both. 



 Having recently adopted our 11 month old, we were nervous about leaving her for the first time for a week and decided cat sitting was best suited over a cattery. Super impressed with the service received by Adele and Nicole. Daily updates helped put my mind at ease and a happy cat, happy fish and spotless house on return. Will definitely be using again - 

thank you! 

Missy & Frankie


 Nicole and Adele are such lovely caring cat ladies. My little Frankie who is very anxious couldn't get enough loving from them . What made the service 5*was the photos they would send you of your furry babies and daily if you wanted. Highly recommended. 

Belle & Jasmine


 I have used purr usual on several occasions and each time they have been great, you can tell that they are very passionate about what they do. We have other animals also so not only do they look after our 2 cats but they also make sure our fish and rabbit are fed and well looked after, i would highly recommend to use purr usual, we always return from holiday safe in the knowledge that all the animals are safe and happy, thank you, we are looking forward to seeing you soon xxx 





Highly recommended cat sitting service!  Left Martha very happy at home being cared

 for by Adele & Nicole. 

Absolutely fantastic service, they really went the extra mile, came home to a very happy cat and a clean and tidy house. Purr Usual is a wonderful, caring company. 

I will definitely use every time I go away. 



Great service from Adele and Nicole. Sent me some lovely pics of Abby all happy at home while we were away. :) 

It was really nice of them to pop round in their own time to meet us and introduce themselves to Abby. 

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Cat Sitting in Littlehampton, Yapton, Ford, Arundel, Rustington, Angmering, East Preston & surrounding areas.

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Purr Usual Cat Sitting Services Littlehampton

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Operating days

Open 7 days a week 


365 days a year 

(Bank Holidays & Christmas incur additional charges)

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Frequently Asked Questions


What times and days do you visit?

We understand that cat sitting is not a 09:00 to 17:00 job so we usually operate between 07:00 and 23:00 (late night bookings are at requests we don't just leave your cats until late!) 

Where possible, we endeavour to follow your usual routine so just let us know your preferences and we will do our very best to accommodate your requests. (For security purposes we don't like to advertise a set visiting trend so we try to slightly vary attendance times.)

On the same note, if you have special feeding times outside of these hours, do get in touch and again we will do our utmost to accommodate you & your cats needs. 

Are my house keys safe in your care?

Absolutely! We are fully insured to hold your keys & insured up to £10,000 and whilst not in use your keys are kept in a locked safe. They are also never addressed with your details, only with your cat's names and sometimes your general location. Keys & contracts are never stored together. 

Do you have a minimum charge?

No. We offer a range of services and these can be tailored to suit you & your cats needs. 

Who provides the food while I'm away?

You would need to supply everything your cat will require as Purr Usual. During our free registration visit we would take note of where all items are stored.  If supplies of food or litter run out, a shopping trip charge will apply.

Will you look after other animals other than cats?

We are happy to provide care for any other small household pets, other than dogs. We can provide quotes on an individual basis and don't believe in charging the earth for an excellent service so please get in touch for any additional services. We also offer a weekly visit hutch cleaning service. 

Is there a reason you won't sit for dogs?

Yes, there a few reasons. Firstly cats can get very upset by unfamiliar scents and a lot of cats can feel threatened and very unnerved with someone coming in with a dog scent so in order to help your cats to be as happy as they can, we don't mix the services. 

Secondly, both cats & dogs both require a lot of time and devotion in different ways and for this reason we've chosen not to extend our services to include dogs so we can focus 100% of our attention to your cats needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 2


Do you accept urgent, late, or last minute bookings?

Absolutely, albeit not ideal, we are also very understanding. There are always times in life where the unexpected occurs and we want to provide a stress free service so if you ever find yourself in this circumstance, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we will do our best to help! 

What if my cat becomes unwell whilst I'm away?

We are very experienced in recognising all kinds of problems.  Should we feel there is any issue, we will contact you if the situation and timescale allows this, and if we deem it necessary we will take your cat to the vets (this will normally be your own vets as specified on registration forms).  This is an extremely rare occurrence, but please be reassured that we will never hesitate to consult a vet where necessary. 

Please note, cat care costs are liable to yourselves. 

Do you work on Bank holidays, Christmas and the New Year and what are your prices?

We certainly do! We work 365 days a year including Christmas. (We would recommend booking festive dates & summer holidays in with us as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment as these are very popular.)  We charge an additional £10.00 per day for Christmas & New Year/New Years Eve. 

Other bank holidays are charged at an additional £5.00 per day. 

We've been shifts workers and have always worked, bank holidays, birthdays, Christmas and New Year so this does not phase us and our service levels are always 100%. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Paypal - whichever you find suits you best! 

When would you like paying? Do you require a deposit?

We do ask for a 25% non refundable deposit at the time of booking to secure the dates and to avoid cancellations when we may have had to say no to other customers. 

In regards to payment, however you prefer - We are more than happy for payment to be before, during or at key return.  

How do I know that you've visited and my cat is ok?

On the first visit we will send you a photo/text update depending on your preferences and will send you regular updates at a frequency of your choice which we will discuss at registration 

Frequently Asked Questions 3


My rescue cat is quite timid and may hide from you?

We can fully empathise with this scenario, a stranger coming into their homes. We ideally like to meet your cat(s) at registration to get a feel for each other. We do not force ourselves upon your cat(s) and allow them to progress at their own pace and we gently encourage it. We ensure they are sighted and safe and keep detailed logs of their activity and of course if they allow we always try to get a good play and cuddles in every visit 

I've never left my cats alone before, are you able to send me pictures while I'm away?

Yes. We always offer this free service to all of our customers at registration and you'll see in our gallery are photos we have taken and sent to their owners (with their permission of course). We will ask your preference as to Whatsapp picture message (free on WiFi for all smart phones) or email updates. If these options aren't suitable for you, we will certainly send you text updates at a frequency of your choice. 

Are you, and your cats flea free?

Yes - our cats are all regularly vet checked for their general health check ups, annual boosters and we take them to the vets for their worming and flea treatments regularly to ensure we are all flea free! Also we never transport our cats to customers homes for obvious reasons so your cat(s) will never come into contact with any other animals that aren't your own. 

I've had a cat sitter before & returned to smells & mess from the cat, would you clean up?

We certainly will. 

At Purr Usual we have had similar experiences so when we set off on our cat sitting journey we decided at the get go that we would provide this service as a complimentary extra (for bookings of 3 days or longer). We are very clean and tidy ladies & because we want you to get the most out of our service and ultimately be extremely satisfied we will tidy as we go and before your return we will spring clean all the areas your cat(s) have had access to. This includes hoovering, allowing air into the property and disinfecting areas that require so you can return to pleasant surroundings. 

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking, please find various contact options via our Contact Us page where we can take details and dates & arrange a complimentary registration visit

Frequently Asked Questions 4


How much time do you spend with my cat?

We aim to spend approximately 30 minutes per visit. This varies from cat to cat. Some cats who may eat and then retire to their resting spot may require a lot less attention then others. We generally find providing an efficient service takes a minimum of 25-30 minutes. However we are not limiting your cat(s) to this time. If they are happy and where time allows, we may spend longer especially if we are getting a good play or we can see your cat is very happy & enjoying our presence. 

Cat sitting is not just a job to us - it's a passion!  

What are the key arrangements?

With regard to keys, the keys can either be collected at the registration visit or you can drop these to us if you'd prefer to provide them nearer your departure date. At the end of your very first booking we can either put the keys back through your letterbox (we will text you to ensure you're still on schedule to arrive home without delay and will retain the keys until this is confirmed to avoid your cats being neglected in case of unforeseen circumstances)  or we can retain them for future bookings if you wish.  (Many customers request that a spare set of keys are retained by Purr Usual so that they don’t have to go to the inconvenience of getting keys to us each time they go away.  So feel free to make use of this (free) facility if you wish, or continue getting the keys to Purr Usual each time you make a booking, whichever you prefer).  Please note that if you do not ask us to retain a spare set of keys at the finish of your first booking, the onus is on you to get the keys to Purr Usual for all subsequent bookings. We can be requested to collect the keys at a later date but a key collection fee of £5.00 is chargeable. 

Please note: all keys held by Purr Usual MUST be a spare set of keys for insurance purposes.

I've found a cat sitter in the area who appears to be cheaper?

Like everything in life, you do get what you pay for but we don't expect you to pay the earth for peace of mind. We offer an excellent service and we take our work very seriously so you'll only get the very best from us and please note our expansive list of compliementary extras which you may notice are charged by many other cat sitting services. We are always reviewing competitors prices and endeavour to price match or beat where possible although its very difficult to compare as many services are not like for like however we do try to beat any cattery quote as we really do believe cats are happier at home so please contact us with any queries you may have. 

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